Sunday, January 8, 2012

Absolute Beginners

Words can be sung
Across all of time
To that glowing generation
From out of the darkness
Of the path where we stand
We are absolute beginners
Absolutely loving
The generations of man

David Bowie at Amazon

Theamology: A Definition

The meaning of the word theamology can be derived from its Greek and Latin roots:

  • The, (Greek) God
  • Amo, (Latin) Love
  • Log, (Greek) Word

Theamology, the blog you are reading, is an atheist's study of God and love. God probably does not exist at all, but if she does exist, we can all see the decisions of God and it is from these decisions that we learn how dearly we are loved by her.  Her beautiful nature is apparent and has never been hidden from plain view. She is not anything at all like the violent gods of historical scriptures. This simple truth requires no special revelation, nor even a single word from God.  All one has to do is open one's eyes and observe the decisions of God.