Thursday, February 7, 2013

We Are Beautiful

We are all very beautiful. Created as infant human beings, whether by the universe or by God herself, we awaken to find ourselves gifted with each other. To build a world of peace, indeed to build worlds of peace throughout the cosmos, we have only to agree with each other that we will live as repositories of trust for one another, to be our brother's keeper. We have never needed a book of scripture to see this simple truth.

We awaken to a world where though many speak of God, we cannot find her anywhere. We wonder if we should set aside all thoughts of her and forge ahead in courage and in faith in ourselves, a faith that is emboldened with the knowledge that we have discovered new truths wherever we have sought them. For centuries we have been examining the evidence put forth by nature, imagining the reasons why things are so and testing these theories until they are proven to be ideas on which we can have reliance as we forge outward to the distant stars.

Imagine living in that future generation; imagine that you are one of them, a thousand years from now. You and scores of others are embarking on a journey to a planet discovered to be much like the earth when it was young, a planet teeming with plant and animal life, fed by another star, adorned with one or several moons. It would be lonely without a moon, would it not? But we still would have the stars to keep us company, and when we get there and settle in, we could point to one of them and tell our children that it is the very star that warms the planet earth where it all began.

You will be one of them, someday; you will be one of those children lying in the grass on that distant planet contemplating the star of earth. You will not have then the memories you have today. You will be recreated, by the universe or by God herself, as a newborn infant, all of your sadness and sorrow wiped away, a new clean slate of memory, a new life to build, a new opportunity to love your brothers and your sisters, new days and new nights to contemplate the stars and wonder where it truly all began.

You will be a brand new person, a thinker, and this is what you are today. There is no good reason then, today, why you do not put aside your sorrows and your sadness and think of yourself as reborn today, this very day. You are reborn today as one who has the memories that you have. There is nothing you can do about them, they are there, contemplated within your court of reason. The question is, what will you do today? How will you recreate this world to be the world of peace where we all work together to get to those distant stars?

If God exists, she is very beautiful. We know this because we are her works of art. She has created us as thinking beings and entrusted us to each other in a world of resources so readily shared. We awaken reaching out for one another and we are blessed each day, entrusted with created newborn children. We see this as evidence for her love for us. She has faith and hope for us, that we will raise our children in truth and in love, that we will teach them how to love each other.

Is she alive and thinking? Does she exist at all? If she does then why must we exist in this uncertain realm? If she is there then I wish to find her, to thank her, to love her in return. And thinking of this I can suddenly see it all. Until the time when I can love you, my brothers and my sisters, when I can truly see you as she sees you, as the created children she so dearly loves, then I am not returning love to her at all. I cannot love her if I cannot teach myself how to love the things she loves. So I have to get busy, I have to find a way to love all of you.

And so I understand her distance. She is very wise. She knows that it is not joy for me to find her before I am ready. I don't want her look of mercy for my failures; I don't want her look of pity for my sorrows.  I don't want to enter heaven and leave the children of God to their fate in this earth where so many of them are enslaved to enforced beliefs, taught to mistrust each other and denied the education that would heal them. I want to fight for them instead.  I want to be judged and sent straight back to live on earth, as a newborn infant once again, for as many lives as it takes for me, and for all of us, to see that this world is a beautiful place to live for her children, and indeed for her, if she would wish to have a go at human life, to be born as an infant, to entrust herself to us. Shall we not prepare her way?

We should prepare the way for the human children yet to be born.  Let us recreate this earth as a safe place for them, where they all can receive the sum of human knowledge and together share the earth and cosmos. If we believe in her we can do no less than that and if we do not, then we do it for ourselves because created or evolved, we have always been one of them, and forever we shall always be, we are the son of man, we are humanity, we are created children, we are beautiful.