Friday, February 3, 2012

What God Has Never Done

Our ancestors meant well. But they are gone now and they cannot correct their mistakes. And if one believes in God then one might also believe that our ancestors live on somewhere and that they can look down upon the earth and see our progress. And if one believes that then one can know that they look on in anguish if we, their children, instead of correcting their mistakes, blindly continue our sad behavior because we refuse to believe that they could be mistaken.

And this is the state of the world today. A new epoch is about to begin, one where we no longer accept blindly as truth the things that have been written and said before. Instead, each one of us is acquiring the freedom and the courage required to observe the universe with our own eyes to see if the things we see are in agreement with the things that have been written and then make the corrections where necessary.

And we are brave enough to admit that God might not exist at all. But if she does exist we can observe the universe and see the things that she has never done.

She has never spoken directly to man.

She has never chosen one people over another.

She has never directed the creation of scripture by man.

She has never directed a man to die upon the cross.

She has never selected a man to be her messenger.

She has never given commandments to man.

She has never demanded belief in her existence.

She has never directed that man should worship her.

She has never expressed objection to atheism.

She has never expelled man from a Garden of Eden.

She has never sent a flood to cause the deaths of her children.

She has never raised anybody from the dead.

She has never planned for trials and tribulations to end the world.

She has never directed that children be taught a religion.

Observe the universe. What are the other things that you see that God has never done?

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