Friday, March 2, 2012

A 500 Year Plan

We are transforming our world to a place of peace by learning to raise our children to love one another.

The people of the world are beginning to rise and they are seeking to transform the world to a place of peace. They understand that atheists and theists must work together to make this happen. Theists and atheists are changing in many ways for this very purpose.

Theists are beginning to understand that God expresses no objection to atheism. While it is true that our Bibles, Qurans and other scriptures seem to hint otherwise, theists are beginning to question these conclusions.

Theists are beginning to understand that, If God truly exists, the overwhelming love of God for man is evident in the fact that God continues to give us children in spite of our sad history of raising them to mistrust or even hate each other.

Observing this love of God, theists are beginning to understand that God would never give a Bible, Quran or other book of scripture to man because he observes that we will emerge with separate interpretations and create our separate groups of religions that cause us to mistrust and fight with each other.

Instead of a book, theists are beginning to understand that God gave us our senses and thinking processes to observe the creation. Observing the creation, and the overwhelming love of God, theists can now see clearly that their ancestors were mistaken in many of the ideas expressed in the scriptures. If our ancestors do live on in an afterlife, and if they can observe our progress, theists are beginning to understand that our ancestors would have a source of anguish because they never intended for us, their descendants, to fear to question their opinions. They wish instead that we would fully examine their writings and make the corrections that they themselves are no longer able to make.

Theists understand now that it is the unquestioning belief in scripture that is preventing the theists and the atheists from transforming our world into a place of peace. They are now examining their scriptures, and comparing what their ancestors wrote to what they see with their own eyes.  They are carefully considering their long held beliefs and they are understanding how they must gradually adjust so that they can truly begin to raise their children to love all of the children of God.  They understand that this is not an overnight process.  Some of them take great comfort in their current belief system and with good reason find that they should not change what they believe, sometimes because of an inescapable fear of condemnation and for these people it is up to the rest of us to allow them their beliefs while making improvements for the younger generations.

Form this we can all see that this process will require a continuous collaboration of the generations of man.  This positive work begins in this generation, the generation of 2012. Our children will carry it forward.  Some of them will continue to fall into the traps of unquestioning belief in the opinions of their ancestors but as each generation passes, more and more of the children of God will be transitioning to more rational belief systems that are designed to enable all of man to work together to at least build a beautiful world of peace.

The theists and the atheists will be working together to make this happen. How can the theists begin to trust the atheists? The theists can see that the atheists are changing too.

Atheists are beginning to understand that if they can make a full commitment to a plan for transforming the world to a place of peace, then the theists themselves would be encouraging them to take leadership roles in governments throughout the world. The theists understand that atheists who think and act with reason and logic toward a global state of peace and equality will have an important role to play in any viable plan.

The atheists understand that the theists perhaps have the most critical role, because it is the theists who must begin the great adjustment to the beliefs passed on to them by their ancestors and to begin to raise their children, not in slavish belief in written opinion, but in knowledge and in love.

So a clear foundation for mutual trust between theists and atheists is reachable by beginning the work to create a generational-spanning plan to transform the world to a place of peace. This writer considers that it will take 500 years of gradual generational improvements in the education of each new generation of children as well as gradual improvements in the governments of man but this is just a starting point for discussion. It could take less or more time than that.

The discussions are just beginning. What is your opinion?

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