Friday, March 9, 2012

Honor in the Court of Reason

Every man is honorable within his own high court of reason. He has all of the evidence, his testimony is unimpeachable, he knows the truth of the things that he has done. He sees himself as his own perfect witness, his own perfect prosecutor, how own perfect judge, and his own perfect jury.

If God does not exist, the honorable man can hope for the certainty of death. Thinking processes are ended, memories are dissolved, and he truly rests in peace. He can, before his time is up, make whatever improvements he can make in the world as partial reparations for what he sees as guilt.

If instead at death he finds himself in the arms of God, it is not her judgement that he fears. Those ones that he hurt in life, to whom he might have brought joy instead, did suffer at his hand and time cannot be unwound to make amends. A man who has caused pain to others at some times during his life, will himself ask God for the gates of hell. He will reject any offer of salvation. He will have judged himself as unworthy of living with decent people and he will seek his eternal punishment because there is no other way that he can see to repair what he has done.

And if this is you, yes you, the one reading, then after this contemplation, you will finally lift your head towards the face of God, in courage and in honor, to ask her for the justice of your punishment. And you will be astounded at her wisdom, the wisdom you see in her eyes when you find yourself at last within her vision, her contemplation of your being.

She knows the origin events; she sees what you can never see. She sees your conception and your evolution in the womb, she sees your birth and the perfection of the innocence of your youth. She sees your nature, that you were created as an autonomous thinker and that you are capable of doubting the truth of every word you hear and the meaning of everything you see. And she sees how you labored in your years of life in your constant state of not knowing the things you thought you should wish to know.

And then you learn that another witness must be heard there, in your own high court of reason. It is she who is your most perfect witness, she has seen the things you could not see. And she will stand as well, as an unrelenting friend, to your own high court of reason and she will make clear the paths to follow for your peace and you exoneration.

And one of these might be this very world, in the very state in which you left it. And you might see then that there is no other just punishment, you must be born again, in the world, and suffer under the consequences of what you did and what you failed to do. You are honorable within your own high court of reason.

She will offer this as a path to follow and if you are to accept it, you will once again be born, a newborn child, untroubled by your prior memories, capable of the greatest goodness, a precious gift to man. Yes you, you are given to the world of man, precious in the sight of God. We are given to each other, we can see this with our own eyes, we have never needed a prophet or a scripture to instruct us, we have had only to consider our response to God.

And even today, while you still live, you live as precious within her sight. And perhaps this is your second life, or your third or fourth on earth. And maybe now, you can decide, to create a world of peace for man.

You can see clearly now, that man is lost, we are as sheep without a shepherd. How is it that you will rise? What gentle things can you do, now that you are wise, to at last lead man to a world of peace? In your own high court of reason, if you could pay your debts, would the price be any less than this?

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